There can be circumstances where a person dies, but it isn’t immediately known. The body may not be discovered for a few days or even a couple of weeks. Some individuals live alone, with few friends or family members around to check on them. When such a scenario takes place, cleaning up the property once the body is removed can prove to be a difficult task.

It can be difficult, to say the least, when someone you love dies in such a manner. You may struggle to come to terms with it. You may regret not checking in on them more or talking to them recently. It can be hard to show up and try to get things in order at the place where the death occurred. Your emotions can get the best of you.

This is why it is imperative to hire a commercial cleaning company to help you take care of the process, so you can focus on healing and moving past the traumatic event.


As soon as a person dies, the tissues of the body start to decompose. This process will change the way the body looks and produce a foul odor. The level of decomposing depends on the temperatures, how long the body has been there unattended, and other variables. The manner of death can also contribute to it. All of this will influence what has to be done to successfully clean up the area.

Signs of decomposition include:

  1. Bloating
  2. Leaking of fluids
  3. Nails falling off
  4. Strong odor of decay
  5. Teeth falling out


When a body is removed due to an unattended death, overall safety is necessary. Proper steps must be taken to ensure the location is completely clean and disinfected. The method of cleaning has to remove all forms of bacteria that could be present from the body decaying. Other concerns to clean up in such a scenario include:

  1. Blood
  2. Body fluids
  3. Carbon Dioxide
  4. Methane
  5. Nitrogen
  6. Urine

If there is blood to clean up, treat the area as if it were contaminated. The blood may contain pathogens such as HIV or a form of Hepatitis. Any surface that is infected due to such factors can make a person sick or increase the risk of contracting a deadly disease. Some pathogens can be airborne, so you must clean more than just the surfaces where you see them in that location.

When cleanup is conducted after an unattended death, it has to be detailed and in depth. This is far beyond just deep cleaning a typical home. There may be items that have to be removed from the home and discarded. They shouldn’t be donated and they can’t be cleaned up well enough to make it safe to keep them. Death scene cleanup by a professional allows the best practices to be followed.

Cleaning Process after an Unattended Death

The state of decomposing which occurred before the body being found will influence the necessary cleaning. The risk involved regarding dangerous bacteria and pathogens depends on the individual and the overall scene. Always take extra precautions when it comes to such cleanup. A better idea though is not to do it on your own. Instead, hire a professional to take care of it all for you.

Such experts know the best process for a given situation and types of potential contaminants. They can clean the place in less time. They won’t have an emotional attachment to any items that need to be disposed of either. It is hard enough to deal with the loss of someone you love. You don’t need to add the time and process involved to clean up from their death scene to make it worse.

Certain images will be tough to get out of your mind. You don’t want the last memories you have of that individual to be the cleanup process. Some professional providers can start the process as soon as law enforcement has released the scene and the body has been removed. A professional offering such services will also be compassionate. They understand this is a sensitive time for you.

What to Expect with Unattended Death Cleanup

The amount of time you would need to do the work on your own is hard to sacrifice. The tools and products you need to get it done right are going to add up fast too. A professional can offer you a free quote for the services. This ensures you know what the final price will be before you hire them to clean it up. Cleaning services will often work with your insurance, to walk along side you so you can focus on moving past the traumatic event.

You can hire them to remove smells and clear out any risky pathogens. They have the right tools and methods so the cleanup process will take them a fraction of the time it will take you to do it on your own. They will make sure the property is safe to be in and it can be livable again without anyone being at risk.

Not all of the necessary cleaning will be on the surface level though. They may have to remove carpet or other types of flooring to clean up correctly. They may have to remove furniture to clean it properly or it may not be salvageable. Sometimes, drywall will have to be removed and replaced due to various pathogens on it.

Verify the professional provider is certified and follows OSHA and state regulations and guidelines when it comes to the methods they use for death cleanup. Ask questions you may have before you hire them so there aren’t any problems with the outcome. They will make sure the area is secure while cleaning is taking place too. This ensures nothing can become cross-contaminated.

Hiring a professional with a great reputation to complete the cleaning is important. Find out about their background and feedback from others about their services. Don’t be tempted to do the work on your own, it isn’t worth the risk involved. Your health can be compromised by the wrong methods, and the health of anyone that lives there afterward can be compromised because of it too.


You don’t have to worry about the details of your loved one’s death being the talk of the town. A reputable provider of such cleaning services will keep it private and confidential. 360 hazardous understands this is a sensitive topic, and they want to show the highest level of respect for the deceased and their family.

The goal is to offer a process to clean the scene that is safe and sanitary. The best practices are incorporated and your privacy and the needs of the family are our top priority. We can help you with death scene cleanup so you can focus on other needs during the difficult time. When you choose 360, our service goes beyond expected procedures. Call us 24/7 in your time of need.