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Trauma - Biohazard - Environmental


In times of tragedy, people are left asking themselves, “What do I do now?” 360 Hazardous Cleanup has over 75 years combined experience with integrity, adaptability, & client-centric approaches. 

Our services have also grown to meet specific needs such as; crime scene cleanup, unattended death, suicide, biohazard waste, infectious disease, death scenes, hoarding, tear gas cleanup, and mold remediation. Our technicians are available 24/7/365 to respond to your unique, tragic situation.

It is important when choosing a company for this type of job, that you know your health and safety are highly prioritized. Biohazardous material is something that requires a high level of education and certification.  In order to deliver professional and safe services that help you in times of need, we stay up to date in various professional certifications and meet all requirements and guidelines. Through OSHA, IICRC, EPA, CDC, as well as state and federal guidelines, we meet the strictest standards in our industry. When working with us, you can be certain your crisis will be attended to in an expert yet sensitive manner


Our mission is to be a voice of reason and we pride ourselves on being compassionate, professional, experts in the industrial hygiene industry. We care for you from the first call to 360 to your last interaction.

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