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What Is Biohazard Cleanup?

In the event of certain events that expose poisonous biological substances into the premises of an interior space or into the outdoors, a Biohazard Cleanup is a necessity.

This procedure requires special skills and procedures. Biohazard Cleanup refers to the forensic cleanup of potentially infectious materials such as blood, body fluids and other organic matter. Another name for it is biohazard remediation. Another name for biohazard cleanup is crime scene cleanup, but crime locations is only a part (albeit a major part) of the situations in which biohazard cleaning services are needed. Biohazardous waste is in the form of various viruses, microorganisms, toxins, bacteria and other pathogens that have the large possibility of negatively deteriorating human health and even animal health.

There are 4 major categories of Biohazardous Substances : 

  1. Non-sharp solid biohazardous waste
  2. Biohazardous sharps
  3. Liquid biohazardous waste
  4. Pathological waste

Special skills and training are required for the crew involved in the cleanup of these materials. These tasks also require a certain predisposition in the workers not to let a feeling of nausea absorb them while faced with these end-of-life specimens.

The dangerous nature of biohazardous waste and their possible crime scene legal implications in the courtroom require certain safety requirements and specific cleanup protocols. It is also absolutely necessary that even though the crew expect their line of work to be risky, they should have ample protection and implement safety guidelines so that they will not be unduly exposed to harmful pathogens.

The workers should also be aware that the biohazard cleanup will be all for naught if the procedures were not done in a comprehensive and thorough manner.


Under no circumstances should anyone without professional experience and training, take on a residential biohazard cleanup. Not only do the biohazardous elements risk the health of the person (and other people in the premises) who did amateurish biohazard remediation, that individual would also possibly destroy legal evidence in the premises and he or she would even be liable for criminal prosecution.

The average layman would lack the background and experience to effectively and safely address the biohazard cleanup. This task is better left to the specialists to execute a safe and thorough cleanup of dangerous pathogens and materials. These experienced crew are also familiar with the legal implications that will ensue with their actions.


Before the biohazard remediation starts, the professional specialists involved in the procedure, should wear personal protective equipment (PPE), recommended and approved by the OSHA and the CDC. They would include but not limited to:

  1. Mask Googles
  2. Gown or Apron
  3. Disposable Gloves

These equipment should not be inferior in quality and should be designed to withstand the dangers of handling biohazardous substances.

The most common situations requiring professional biohazard cleanup in their aftermath are:


A biohazard cleaning services company which know the business well, acknowledge that there are no shortcuts in the procedure. Any poisonous material left uncollected in the premises is already one unforgivable error that makes all the other accomplished tasks undocumentable.

A biohazard cleanup is one activity which when deemed complete, can’t be gone back to as a repeat job. The cleanup supervisor should do a comprehensive review and edit of all the components in the procedure before announcing to everyone in the crew to pack up.

With the above explanation, the stages in a biohazard cleanup which should be completed in sequence are:

1) Containment and Cleanup 

The residents and pedestrians of premises which require biohazard cleaning services are continually facing the risk of exposure to hazardous substances unless professional containment and cleanup is executed.

It is even mandated by law that in the aftermath of crime or death in a location, a professional cleanup should ensue. All residents should temporarily evacuate the area when the cleanup is being done.

It is a scientific fact that when a corpse has been discovered in a location where it has been decomposing for days, dangerous pathogens have already started to contaminate the area. Thus, professional biohazard containment and cleanup is absolutely necessary.

The poisonous materials could include:

A) Bodily Fluids

B) Blood

C) Other Biological Matter

D) Contaminated objects (carpet, bedsheets, mattresses, knives and other items)

2) Sanitization 

This is the next order of business, of all the poisonous materials are deemed collected, there will still remain pathogens and residue that would seem invisible to the eyes but need to be totally eradicated.

Specialized and quality chemicals which are EPA rated and OSHA approved, will be applied to address biohazard contamination.

3) Deodorization 

There will be persistent, unpleasant, and pungent odors that will remain even after the sanitization step. The complete elimination of odors is a requirement to make the premises habitable again for residents. Sanitation and deodorization go hand in hand to make the lives of everyone affected negatively by the crime, death by illness or tragic accident, go back to normalcy again.

Just like sanitization materials, deodorization supplies should also be EPA-rated to totally eradicate the unpleasant smells.

4) Restoration

The ultimate goal of restoration is to completely return the premises to its original condition, including the hygiene, sanitation and the normal smell of the place before the crime or the unmentionable tragic incident took place.

In this way, the said location will be usable again and there will be a semblance of normalcy that will pervade the place.


From Containment and Cleanup up to the last phase of Biohazard Cleaning Services which is Restoration, no shortcuts should be permitted which will affect the integrity and the credibility of the whole procedure.

Any shortcut will incur negative consequences which include:

1) Reduction of the value of the property

2) Resulting into incompatibility of the premises to wholesome, enjoyable and worry free living

3) Risking the health of the occupants

4) Jeopardizing the mental and emotional stability of the residents

5) Risking destruction of legal evidence.


A professional biohazard cleanup company knows the importance of being compassionate and at the same time knowledgeable about the privacy and dignity of the immediate family of the deceased person.

360 Hazardous is your go to professional biohazard cleaning services with the motto “No Family Left Behind”. We understand the trauma and the trouble that will confound the family left behind by the deceased person. There will be a vacuum in their lives, and 360 Hazardous will be a voice of reason in these calamitous times while we do our obligations to clean up the mess.

We are here for you 24/7. 360 Hazardous has over 35 years of combined experience in the environmental hazard remediation and hygiene industry. Our team of professionals have handled a vast array of scenarios, from straightforward to complex. We are ready to help you when you need it.

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