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Role of a Death Cleaning Service: Understanding & Hiring the Right Team

Nobody knows the time or the day when a tragedy strikes, and this makes coming to terms with the loss of a loved one pretty hard. Our thoughts tend to shift towards coping with grief, forgetting that some things need instant attention. Whether the death was expected or unexpected, cleaning up the area where they lost their life must be done.

We all agree that dealing with the repercussions of a loved one’s loss is devastating, and that’s where hiring a death cleaning service comes in.

Essentials of Death Cleanup Services

While your thoughts are undeniably winding from the grief you are experiencing, and you can’t lay off the importance of hiring a death cleaning service company. Any area where the loss of life occurred will likely require proper cleaning and disinfection before the property is deemed fit for occupation. Especially, if this loss encompasses decomposition.

It’s, to some extent, challenging to acknowledge the importance of death cleanup services, especially for those outside the industry, but believe me when I tell you that the effects of a death can be challenging to clean, messy, and unsafe altogether.

If caution is not taken while cleaning, various health hazards can start to manifest. Proper biohazardous supplies and disposal can’t be ignored while cleaning. Furthermore, these areas can’t be cleaned by individuals without the expertise and specialized tools required to carry out the task effectively.

Standard Death Cleanup Maintenance

Several problems can arise after the passing of your loved one in their home. Here are the most common concerns linked to accidental/crime death cleaning:

Body decay clean up – this service is mostly reserved for surprising deaths that go for days unnoticed. As the body decomposes, fluids from the body spread into the adjacent areas. Regardless of this process being natural, it’s toxic to living beings.

Along with the seeping fluids comes an unpleasant and distinguishable odor that is harmful to your health. When these components are superficial, the conditions are ideal for attracting insects. These insects further spread the toxic bacteria to the rest of the house or property.

Natural death restoration – even in natural death, there is a lot that needs to be done. Even after quick reactions, sometimes we leave the area full of problematic elements. Rapid body decay begins immediately after the human body fails.

Besides the leaking body fluids, body decomposition can also cause extensive damage to the adjacent areas in the property. To clean up the site safely and restore the room surfaces, a team of professional death cleaning personnel will be required.

Biohazards from violent death or a crime – in the tragic aftereffects of homicide or suicide, the act’s remnants can leave some pathological problems or even a scar on the chattels. According to research, biohazardous substances can pose grave perils to humans. If left unattended, these pathogens can cause illnesses or even death.
Viruses, blood, microorganisms, toxins, and bacteria are the most common pathogens likely to be left in a home or property immediately following the event of violent death. To ensure that your home is secure, it’s vital to seek assistance from a renowned and experienced  crime scene cleanup service.

Hiring An Ideal Death Cleanup Team

Like with all other services, you need to ensure that you are hiring the right crew to do the job. Unfortunately, contracting an after death cleaning team is quite different from hiring any regular cleaning service. First, the destructive nature of this contract will harden the whole process to a large extent. That said, here are some tricks on how to find the ideal death cleanup team for your situation.

Ask the right questions – the essential thing to do before contracting any crime scene or accidental death cleaning company is to ask the right questions. However, there are no wrong answers during this process, but some questions shouldn’t be left out. The answers given will enlighten you on the ideal company to contact. Here are some items that should be top on the list:

1. Is your cleaning crew entirely issued and certified by the state?

2. When should we expect the work to commence and what are the working hours?

3. How will you ensure my privacy? Can you use an unmarked vehicle?

4. Is your company insured and bonded?

5. What are the options for payment of these services?

Check quality standards – it’s vital to pay close attention to the professionalism of the cleaning service providers you are considering. Be sure to check the company’s license and liability certifications. You should also ensure that the company you are contracting has passed general background tests. Review the business which you are looking to hire for these services. Unfortunately, there are many out there who state they can perform these services. Directly looking up that service provider and searching for complaints or issues is always a wise decision to ensure you know you are working with a professional and reputable business.

Make inquiries on their process – always know what you are paying for before engaging in any death cleanup service, even if that seems like the last thing you need to be thinking about at this time. We understand that the passing on of a loved one can be daunting, but you can’t overlook your future health at the expense of your death.

Does the company adhere to all OHSA requirements? Is there any possibility of losing your possessions or furniture as a result of their disposal necessities? Several after death cleaning service providers will provide you with a checklist of all services they provide, be sure to ask for one.

What should you expect from a death cleanup service?

By now, we have a better understanding of the services provided by a crime scene technician. We also know how to seek out the ideal company. But what should we expect from the services rendered by these companies?

  • Specialized tools & chemicals – after death, cleaning companies will deeply clean your home using the latest best practices and environmentally safe chemicals, using EPA-rated disinfectants for proper disinfection. Chemicals using EPA-rated disinfectants. From the walls and furniture to the floor, your home will be remediated appropriately to get rid of any problematic remnants, adhering to OSHA regulations concerning blood-borne pathogens.

  • Removal of dangerous materials – potentially hazardous materials will be carefully removed and disposed of per the federal law and state requirements.

  • Insurance claim filed – if any of the work being carried out has insurance coverage, the cleanup company will be in a position to provide the relevant information to facilitate your claim.

    Reinstating Safety In Your Home

    Whether the passing of a loved one was due to natural causes or violent death, you deserve to return to a home or property full of security and comfort. We understand how traumatizing it can be to lose a loved one and how hard it is to deal with the whole situation. While we cannot fathom the emotional distress involved, we must emphasize the importance of proper cleaning services.

    360 Hazardous offers a compassionate, professional, and experienced team of experts in the biohazard material industry. We are prepared to put the surviving family first, offering guidance and post support, and work with them to get the job done. Give us a call 24/7, we are ready to help whenever you need it.

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