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Everything You Need To Know About Unattended Death

The term “unattended death” is widely used by crime scene cleaning companies, healthcare professionals, and law enforcement. So, what does it actually mean? Let’s find out!

On a general basis, the term “unattended death” means the death of a person without any witness. However, the term has several other legal definitions some of which are as follow :

1. A person who died due to serious illness but not wasn’t under the supervision of doctors and other medical staff.

      2.  A serious patient who died several days or months away since his last interaction with  the doctors and physicians.

      3.  A person who died under suspicious conditions.

The term “unattended death” is usually used by law enforcement for medical examiners or physicians who are needed to create a death certificate of the deceased. Different states have different definitions and they are used to determine whether a case needs investigation or autopsy.

Definition of Unattended Death

Post-death cleanup companies use this term quite informally because of the law enforcement where they need to know about the circumstances that lead to death. At 360 Hazardous, we focus on cleaning the scene once the body is removed from the spot. Our work is to remove or clean the body fluids and tissues that are left behind the dead body. Most of the time, when a person passes away alone, the dead body isn’t recovered for a few days. This also leads to the definition of “undiscovered death.”

360 Hazardous – Our Main Services

We are one of the most trusted and reliable “death scene cleanup” companies in the industry. We handle all kinds of crime scene cleanup that involves cleaning blood, tissues, and other hazardous fluids. Moreover, we also the following services :

      • Crime Scene Cleanup

      • Infectious Diseases/COVID-19

      • Suicide Cleanup

      • Unattended Death Cleanup

      • Hoarding Cleanup

      • Biohazard Removal

      • Vehicle Blood Cleanup Blood Cleanup

      • Tear Gas Removal

      • Decomposition Removal

      • Odor Removal

      • Meth Lab Recovery

      • Hazmat Cleanup

Body fluids including blood can be very harmful to humans as well as animals if left unattended for long. They harbor deadly pathogens and life-risking diseases. The death spots or areas that are not sanitized properly lead to pest infestations, odors and can also shock the family or friends of the deceased when they look at the bloodstains and other decomposed solid matter.

The family members and friends of the one who’s passed are already very emotional and dealing with a shock. They are simply unable to deal with the unpleasant task of cleaning the place after their loved one has died. This is especially true if the death has happened due to some abnormal reason and in an unpleasant way. This is where companies like us come into play. We clean the death scene for you and make the property safe and liveable again.

Factors That Affect Death Scene Cleaning Jobs

Different biohazard cleanup services have different purposes and different methods. Generally, the death sanitization process can take from a couple of hours to several days and even a week depending on the severity of the situation. Our customer support staff provides the most accurate estimates by using the past two decades of data for calculating the overall cost of the project. If you want to get one, reach us now. This not only helps our clients to decide their budget but also helps our team to adopt the best possible approach for handling the project in the right way.

We ensure that the properties are turned back to their safe and normal state as quickly as possible. We know that having a deep insight into the scenario in advance helps our clients to make the right decision at the time of choosing a death cleanup company. Now, talking about the factors that impact the biohazard cleaning service in a negative way as follows :

Lapsed Time 

This is the most common factor that affects the job of biohazard cleaners in a very negative way. This factor determines the entry complexity of the project. The longer a dead body is left unattended, the worse it decomposes and impacts the area very badly.

Extreme Saturation 

The odors from the dead body don’t go that easily. While painting and fresh carpeting is a good solution, it doesn’t help entirely. To make the place free from any odor, we use EPA-rated, non-toxic chemicals and disinfectants, and air scrubbing machines to eliminate the bad odors. We believe in removal rather than a cover-up.

Moreover, the elements and items that can be sanitized, we consider removing them for the safety of people living in that home or building. These include household items like furniture, carpets, upholstery, carpeting, etc.

Pests Infestation 

When a body decomposes, it attracts pests with its bad odors which can be very hazardous for human health. We have seen bodies covered with flies, spiders, ants, and whatnot.

Not just that, the larvae stick themselves to other items such as furniture, appliances, flooring, ventilation systems where they hinder their working and perish.

Not to mention rodents can also get attracted to dead bodies where they make the situation worse and leave behind their highly toxic urine and feces which is a great carrier to the pathogens.

The Condition Of Body Prior Death 

If the deceased person was on some kind of medication before death, it can affect the dead body in a great way. The drugs make the decomposing of the body very quickly and lead to the formation of strong odors. Moreover, the obese dead bodies release great amounts of fats and oils that add to the decomposition as well as strong odor formation.

Murder By Gunshot, Death Due To Physical Violence

Gunshot wounds are among the worst things that happen to a body and the surrounding. Depending upon the distance between the body and the gun, though blood stains can be formed anywhere. Not just the blood, other body fluids, tissues, anything can be scattered around the area.

In most cases, blood gets sprayed onto the walls and into ventilation systems. Also, solid matter such as bones and tissue may get thrown behind the furniture. These things are not generally handled by the police and law enforcement. While some certified medical practitioners handle the materials to some extent, we take care of the entire removal.

Moreover, in case of death due to physical violence like stabbing, beating, and bludgeoning also result in dispersion of blood, body fluids, and bones. In fact, such cases are the most shocking and traumatizing projects we have to deal with.

In the worst cases, we have dealt with homicides and murders. Usually, the scattering of biohazardous matter in such cases is not limited to just one spot, it happens at multiple areas within a property.

Weather Condition And Season of The Year 

Climate and weather conditions also play an important role in deciding the complexity of the project. The temperature affects the rate of decomposition. A body decomposes faster in summers or hotter temperatures while the rate slows down at cold temperatures.

Hoarding Cleanup 

Sometimes we are also called to clean up a place that has accumulated a lot of waste over some time. This mostly happens if the deceased was suffering some kind of mental issue or was living on drugs. Such people become absent-minded and couldn’t maintain the hygiene of their homes due to their illness which often results in the accumulation of garbage, dirty clothes, pet feces, spoiled food, etc.


The location of the property where the unattended death takes place greatly affects the job. Usually, the slip and fall deaths and suicides take place in kitchens and bathrooms. However, leaks in the floor vents and grout cracks can make the situation worse.

Deaths on top floors result in leaks and scattering of matter on the structure below. Such areas need proper sanitization before the restoration procedure takes place.

Moreover, the concrete floors are quite prone to staining as they are porous. Before cleaning the hard surfaces, we treat them with absorbent products that soak away the fluids and thus prevent staining.

Death and murders can also affect vehicles and other machinery. We sanitize and clean the machine parts thoroughly and remove all the traces of biohazardous waste.

At 360 Hazardous, we are prepared for all types of scenarios. Our experienced professionals are technically and mentally prepared for working on all types of biohazard cleanup projects. We are experienced with all sorts of necessary equipment, modern tools, and EPA-rated, non-toxic cleaning agents for delivering the best possible services to our clients. Our team follows all the instructions and comply with the guidelines set ahead by CDC, EPA, and OSHA as well as state requirements and guidelines.

At 360 Hazardous, we focus on providing a safe and sanitized living condition for our clients. We are always with you in the time of need, we put the needs of the family first. Call us 24/7 for any kind of assistance, we are always ready to help you in these difficult times.

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