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Tackling Issues From An Unattended Death Cleanup

When someone close to you dies, it can be a terrible loss. No one wants to go through the process of losing a loved one, but death is a part of life. What you may not anticipate is dealing with everything that comes after losing your loved one. You may end up with the challenge of having to put their affairs in order.

This can include probate, funeral arrangements, getting the loved one’s home ready to be sold or rented, and much more. There is also everything that comes with their passing, such as your personal grief and the grief of other family members and friends. Your daily life might be disrupted for a while and you may find yourself dealing with family dynamics that can be stressful.

Then there is also the matter of how your loved one passed. Some are lucky enough to pass on with someone being there, family or friends by their side as they go through an anticipated or sudden passing. However, some have loved ones that unfortunately die alone and their remains are not discovered for some time, whether days, weeks, or months. In these cases, emotions and the challenges involved can be even more difficult.

When it comes to deaths that happen outside of the immediate care of a doctor, the legal term is an unattended death. An individual may die at home while their loved ones are there or alone by way of an accident, natural causes, a homicide or suicide. An unattended death leads to secondary issues that can make the sanitation process more complicated.

If you have reason to contact us, you will speak to one of our compassionate team members that will ask you questions. While you may feel that they’re not related to what you are dealing with, our team knows on a professional and personal level that loss can lead to shock. We want to ensure that you are not having to deal with the secondary issues related to discovering a body that has been recently deceased or has begun advanced decomposition.

Bad Sanitation Practices and Housekeeping

When going through a crisis of mental health or sickness, taking on simple chores around the house and keeping up with personal hygiene may be overwhelming. We find this to be the case for those we are cleaning for often. It’s not uncommon to find dirty dishes accumulated in the sink or dishwasher, food and beverages that have spilled, dirty laundry, and accidental bodily fluids from illness. For our experienced teams, none of it is a shock.

Those who are dealing with the sudden scene may attempt to try and clean up before we arrive. It’s a normal practice and loved ones often feel the need to tidy things, embarrassed by the state that the home or residence is in. However, we want to assure our clients that our team is familiar with residences in all states, and do not judge the condition that a residence is in. That is our specialty and when it comes to all types of biological waste, we’re ready to deal with it.

Pet Waste or Dead Pets

It is often the case that those who pass on also have pets that they cared for. When companion animals are involved, it’s always a relief when they are found to still be alive. Oftentimes, their owners pass unexpectedly and if no one knows of their passing, the companion animals are left to their own devices. If they are on their own indoors, they’re simply going to go to the bathroom because they cannot avoid it. Our team takes care of urine and feces left by pets and cleans it up. This includes waste that has made it through the flooring shortly before or after the passing of their caretaker.

Sadly we do encounter instances with death cleanup where the pet or pets sadly did not make it. We are able to take the animal out of the location and then clean the residue left by decomposition and then have the remains disposed of or packaged for you if you wish to have the pet cremated or buried.

Communicable Disease and Blood-Borne Pathogens

When the medical history of the individual has passed is not known, there are some dangers involved. MRSA, Hepatitis, or other blood-borne pathogens could be contracted. Some of them are able to stay active outside of a live human host for anywhere from days to months. In the case of violent deaths such as gun related deaths, the blood may end up in the trauma site and beyond it. This means that proper protocols regarding sanitization must be in place because otherwise, dried particles of blood can come into the lungs and the mucous membranes of whoever is around them without protective gear and precautions in place.

Fungus, Mold, and Water Damage

Often accidents or intentional deaths will occur in the bathroom of the residence. Sometimes those who go through with taking their own life choose to do it in a place where they perceive cleaning up will be easier for others, conscientious about the blood cleaning process. However, first responders to the scene may often move or spill water around while attempting to revive an individual or take their body out. The water may have contamination of waste solids, body fluids, and blood.

Our team will address and look for water damage whether it has been contaminated or not. We will look at sub-flooring, tiling grout, drywall, and the structural framing to determine whether water leakage is present.

Occasionally we will discover damage that existed prior to someone’s passing, such as damage from fungus and mold, mildew present, or even dry rot. We also will show up to fix a death cleanup that was not done well and then discover that the carpet padding, furniture and sub-flooring have fungus or mold in them. In these cases, we will utilize EPA-rated, non-toxic neutralizing solutions that work to remove microbes, biohazards, and remaining stains. When the floor seems that it is able to be saved, we will use shampoo machines to take out the maximum amount of moisture from sub-flooring, padding and fibers.

Residue From Pests

The decomposition process of a body unfortunately is going to have some consequences that often come into play quicker than one might think. A dead body is going to attract insects during a period of 24-28 hours from the time of passing. This situation gets complicated when other pests are already in the residence, making the job of after death cleaning services all the more complex. Feces from insects and mammals, urine from rodents, maggots and pupating larvae husks can go through porous surfaces and fibers as well as joinery found between the flooring and walls.

A dead body that has not been found for some time will lead to spiders and more coming in, attracted to the flies. The waste left behind by them can smell hideous, as can carcasses that get trapped. They also carry disease. Rodents are also capable of damaging property significantly.

Decaying Food

Another aspect of death scene cleanup is often food that’s going or has gone bad. Food can be left in the cupboards, on counters, in the freezer or fridge and when it’s spoiling or has spoiled it can cause bad odors as well as hazards. This depends as well on the climate, season, and how long it took for a body to be discovered. Stirred up mold can affect the respiratory system while negative odors may last even after the source of them is taken away. Food going bad can also invite rodents and insects.

With scalable services, we will handle and clean up after bad food as well as E. coli, listeria, and salmonella. We are well-equipped to also try and save appliances, fixtures and furnishings that may end up saving customers from having to pay to replace or dispose of them.

Bad Odors

When it comes to offensive smells, they must be tackled to remove them. Decaying organic matter sheds molecules that cause odors. To neutralize them, we use cleaning solutions and equipment that also gets rid of mold and fungus. When it is possible, we will use EPA-rated, non-toxic disinfectants and decontaminants to get rid of odors for good.

It’s better to remove the odors instead of relying on things like air fresheners to mask them. Home buyers and visitors will be uncomfortable if they know the circumstances behind the odors and the fragrances being laid over them.


Belongings and debris that have built up may make taking care of a home with a regular housekeeping routine difficult, if not impossible. An unattended death that takes place in a hoarder’s residence, our team will deal with the complications that come with it. The property may need to be decluttered as well as staged to find if there’s contamination.

If you are trying to clean the home of a hoarder, with or without required cleaning due to decomposition, you may be exposing yourself to biohazards and contaminants.

Leave A Death Scene Cleanup to Us

There are contaminants that come with any unattended death scene. As a biohazard remediation company, we have years of experience cleaning up scenes of advanced decomposition and all that comes with it. We are trauma and crime scene cleaning specialists that excel in biohazard remediation. We follow all EPA, OSHA, and CDC mandates and recommendations, as well as state requirements and guidelines, all while being thorough and respectful.

Rental and property insurance can also help to cover an unattended death cleanup and its cost and secondary damage. However, it does not extend to lost wages, psychological trauma, and time and money of cleaning up after a death yourself.

Hiring biohazard cleaning professionals means that you’re also going to help your property value. Listing a home often legally requires that the residence has had a death there. Our guarantee means that buyers can be relieved that professional cleaning has been done and the premises are sanitary and safe.

Avoid all of the stress and risks of after death cleaning services. 360 Hazardous is certified and equipped to handle cleanup measures no matter what the scene. Call us 24/7,and we will offer you guidance and help you and your family as quickly as we can. We are ready to help you when you need it.

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