Cleaning a crime scene is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of different materials like blood, chemicals, tear gas, fingerprint dust, and even debris from the structural damage that needs to be cleaned. This is where crime scene cleaning companies come to the rescue.

What Happens At The Crime Scene Intervention?

Suppose a woman commits suicide by gunshot. The police team arrives at the area of suicide and collects the bullet lying on the floor to analyze it. Then, the body is removed by the morgue. Now, what about the blood that is on the floor and splashed on the walls? This is the job of crime scene cleaners. The crime cleaner team does all the cleaning and restores the property to a safe state. Cleaners have to deal with multiple areas while cleaning the crime scene, cleaning the biohazard material, possibly repairing any damage to the property such as filling the holes, cracks, and dealing with the foul smells using special EPA rated disinfectants and cleaning products. Finally, proper package and seal all biohazard materials so they can be transported for proper disposal.

This is what we aim for at 360 Hazardous. Our main goal is to bring back the safe and liveable condition of the property after the crime/accident occurs. We offer reliable services 24/7/365, providing options, so the best decisions are made for the family.

Safety Requirements At Crime Scene Intervention

Because the crime scene cleaners come into contact with dangerous and potentially hazardous substances such as blood, chemicals, other body fluids, etc. What’s even worse? If the body begins decomposing, they have to bear and get rid of the bad smell. This is the reason why it is very important to use the proper safety equipment.

As for safety, our professionals are well equipped with all kinds of necessary protective gears and equipment. For cleaning the biological hazards, we use specialized EPA-rated cleaning agents. 360 Hazardous has over 35 years of combined experience in the environmental hazard remediation and hygiene industry. No matter what the scenario, we are ready to help.

The Tools Required For Crime Scene Cleanup

Proper tools are very crucial for the crime scene cleanup. This is because cleaners not only clear out the waste, but also keep a track of the bloodstains, fingerprints, and other encrusted fluids. They also get rid of dust, insects, bacteria, and other volatile compounds that can accumulate by decomposition. For this purpose, they need to use the proper tools and products.

Here are the common tools and equipment used by the crime scene cleaners :

  • Personal Protective Equipment Kit (PPE): This is for the personal protection of the cleaners. The kit usually includes protective suits, boots, disposable gloves and respirators. This protective wear is mostly disposable, it is discarded after one-time usage.

  • Containers For Collecting Bio-waste Disposal:  Because the crime scene may contain a lot of hazardous material, cleaners use high-quality plastic containers and bags that can be sealed properly to prevent any leakage.

  • Cleaning Supplies: These include buckets, mops, rags, cleaning cloths, sponges, wipers, etc. Most of these supplies are also disposed of after one-time use.

  • Disinfectant Solutions: After removal, we clean, disinfect, and deodorize affected surfaces using EPA-rated disinfecting agents

  • Industrial Deodorizer: Deodorizers are very important to get rid of the foul smell caused by the decaying body and blood. Fog and ozone machines are mostly used for this purpose.

  • Solvents: Solvents are used to clean up the dried blood stains and other body fluids.

  • Engineering Controls:  Specific or specialized tools and or equipment leveraged to remediate hazardous materials.

The job of crime scene cleaners is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a calm mind and a cool head to work in such abnormal and unbearable conditions. One has to control his emotions, practicing the highest standard of compassion, dignity, and respect is the best quality of crime scene cleaners.

The professionals working at crime scene companies are highly trained and skillful. They know how to deal with such situations in the right way. They follow the instructions carefully and work as a team. Moreover, they also show compassion and empathy towards the victim’s families. 360 Hazardous puts the needs of the family first, understanding and responding with intent to help solve the problem.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Crime Scene Cleaning Company?

A crime scene imposes many health risk factors such as HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, and other harmful diseases. These diseases can easily get transferred through blood and other fluids leaking from a dead body. This is the reason why the crime scene needs to be cleaned up properly and disposed of harmful substances and blood-borne bacteria.

The basic crime scene clean up involves the removal of insects, bodily fluids, and decontamination. This ensures the scene is restored to its normal conditions and is safe again for the family to return to the home or property.

The highly professional and experienced team performs their job while following all the necessary instructions. They also carry out the processes to prevent a particular place from cross-contamination.

Generally, all the contaminated items are discarded properly. Also, these materials are not thrown away with the regular household trash, instead, a licensed waste hauler collects and discards the contaminated materials.

Is There Any Requirement For Crime Scene Clean-up Services?

Generally, the crime scene cleanup involves cleaning, disinfection, and containment. This means all kinds of hazardous materials should be eliminated and killed off properly. Because of the potential health hazards to the cleaners and businesses, it is required that they should meet some special requirements. This mostly includes training and graduation. These requirements make sure that the cleaners as well as the families involved in the process stays safe and healthy.

When it comes to specific licenses, permits, etc. there are federal and individual state requirements that need to be met. However, one still needs permission from the state and local government to carry out the activities. Requirements may be in place by each state and guidelines must be followed.

Another important thing is, the vehicles used by crime scene cleaning companies should be legal and registered. They should comply with the transportation laws and should have permits to transport the biohazardous materials. So, this is everything that happens at the crime scene cleanup process. If your property is subjected to any kind of crime scene, feel free to contact 360 Hazardous 24/7 and get your property cleaned properly to ensure the safety of the people living there.