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How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Fight COVID-19

Keeping your work environment clean has always been important. Now, in the middle of Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever. It’s not easy running a business in conditions like this. How do you keep your employees safe? How do you protect them and keep the volume of the business at the same time? It’s not that hard if you follow several important and easy steps.

First of all, you need to make sure whoever is cleaning wears protective gear, laid out by CDC (Center for Disease Control) and local health authorities. Having top-notch quality equipment is the first line of defense against any virus. The second important thing is keeping a clean business environment, this is key to preventing the virus from spreading. Protecting yourself, your employees, and your clients should remain at the forefront. Engaging commercial cleaning professionals is the most reliable way to keep your workplace clean.

By hiring certified and experienced professionals, you ensure that your business is protected in the best possible way. They have far more experience than you, that is for sure. They will be coming routinely as well. Why is that important? While they will be taking care of cleaning, you can focus on your business, knowing that your employees and customers are safe.

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Commercial cleaning is only a part of protecting your business. The only way of protecting your business completely is to know everything that there is to know. You need to understand the virus to be able to conquer it from spreading to your workplace.

How does the Coronavirus work? How is it transmitting? How do you take preventive measures? Knowing the answers to all of these questions can not only save your business, but also save your life. The main issue is there is a lot of contradictory information coming in every day. There is great confusion that still reigns among the general public.

Lets review the most common facts about COVID-19:

  • COVID-19 stands for Coronavirus disease, 2019. As the name points out, the disease was caused by Coronavirus. To be more precise, the full name of the virus is SARS-CoV-2.

  • If you heard that people are using different terms, that doesn’t mean that they are wrong. The thing is that there are more than one Corona Viruses that can affect human beings. Some of them can cause very serious conditions like SARS or MERS.

Common symptoms, typical for COVID-19 disease:

It primarily affects the respiratory system, causing cough and shortness of breath. Other common symptoms are; fever, muscle pain, and loss of taste and smell. Some infected people could experience gastrointestinal disorder as well.

One third of people infected by COVID-19 had symptoms such as appetite loss and nausea. Many of them had blood clotting and severe strokes with far more intensity for the people of their age.

Also, it could happen that a person doesn’t experience any symptoms at all. That is the most dangerous thing about this virus, people can have it without even knowing they do. Infected people, with lack of symptoms, are called “asymptomatic carriers”. They don’t know that they can spread the virus and infect others.

COVID-19 has a very long incubation period. It could last 2 to 14 days in our system, spreading to other people. If you want to ensure that there will not be an outbreak in your place of business, everyone should wear masks. Professionals can take care of disinfecting shared surfaces throughout their day. That way you will cut the risk of spreading the virus from employees to the customers and vice-versa.

How can COVID-19 be transmitted?

SARS-CoV-2 transmits through droplets. When speaking, laughing, and even just breathing, we expel droplets of fluid. If the person is diseased, that fluid contains a wide variety of pathogens and viruses.

The good thing is that these droplets can’t stay long in the air, they tend to fall down, on the ground, or on a surface. That is why you need to be cautious and wash your hands, wear protective masks, and keep your distance.

Areas with higher air pollution rate are prone to higher numbers of infected persons. Living in areas with low air quality already leads to weakening of respiratory systems. That means that they are more likely to fall ill than people who breathe in clean air. According to the latest research, a virus has been found on particles of polluted air. But it still isn’t confirmed if it is possible for viruses to survive on those particles and infect people through them.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace

Since it’s very virulent and it can spread in more than one way, coronavirus remediation is crucial. Following CDC guidelines is one of the best ways to help fight COVID-19. You can also consult with local health agencies about potential risks.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) should be available to all your employees and even your customers. Communication with employees is essential, they should know that you are all on the same side, and that wearing protective gear is in their best interest too. Encourage them to work from home if they are not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms.

Clean often, especially surfaces that people often get in touch with. Make sure to dispose of used masks and gloves accordingly.

How does commercial cleaning help in the fight against viral infections?

The biggest advantage of a commercial disinfectant company is having the right tools and experience. Cleaning experts are equipped with the gear and necessary knowledge. It’s a huge difference when you compare their cleaning techniques and your employees’ techniques. Commercial cleaners are thorough and well trained. They have experience and they can deal with any issue that your business may have. They know the most important and vulnerable areas in a workplace that maybe didn’t even cross your mind.

After all, you shouldn’t demand from your employees to deal with situations that are beyond their expertise and not part of their work scope. Commercial cleaning should occur regularly in scheduled intervals that you can rely on. Ongoing, preventive measures can help in lowering the risk of viral infections in the long term.

Just like you are using external agencies for your taxes, legal issues, and advertising, you should use one when it comes to cleaning dangerous viruses as well. Using commercial cleaning services guarantees that you are doing everything you can to keep your business, employees, and customers safe.

This is a global pandemic and everyone is learning about it along the way. Please note that no matter which route you take in keeping your business clean and safe – be sure to follow all recommended procedures. Take care and look out for people around you, we are all in this together.

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