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Biohazard Recovery and Cleanup Services

Biohazard events are sudden and unexpected. Dealing with such traumatic situations is not possible for the sufferers or their families. Unattended death, violent crime scenes, and other similar situations can impose a great shock on the people involved – from the victim, their family, the property owner, and even to the insurer.

This is where biohazard cleanup and recovery services become very important. The professionals are trained and experienced to handle all types of situations. However, dealing with the situations is not at all simple for the experts as well. These projects are complex and require a lot of mental and physical strength.

What Are Biohazardous Materials?

Biohazard materials are the byproducts of biological hazards. These are generally biological substances, mostly deadly pathogens that come from mostly dead humans. These include deadly viruses, bacteria, bodily fluids, tissues, and other toxins. These pathogens get mixed with the things surrounding the place and impose great hazard for human health. The pathogens are also transferred from other things such as razor blades, needles, furniture, clothing, flooring, etc. When living humans and animals come in contact with these harmful living organisms, they are exposed to serious illnesses and diseases.

What Happens When There Is a Biohazard Event

Any event that leads to the accumulation of biohazardous waste or materials is considered to be a biohazard event. These include murders, suicides, homicides, unattended death, asbestos problems, accumulation of pet waste, hoarding, etc. These events can’t be handled by normal people because of several obvious reasons. First, they’re already dealing with a lot of shock and pain of losing their loved ones, if it’s a case of death. Secondly, some situations like asbestos problems and hoarding offer potential risks to the people living in that area and hence calls for expert help.

How To Deal With A Biohazard Event?

A biohazard event can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. While it is not easy to handle, one has to deal with a full presence of mind. Obviously, the first thing is to call your nearest biohazard cleanup and restoration service. But until we arrive, you need to handle the situation and take preventive measures to protect yourself and those who are involved. Here are a few steps you should take immediately after reaching the affected spot :

  • First and foremost, isolate the affected area and take everyone out of it, be it the family members or others.

  • After leaving the spot, get rid of all the contaminated materials such as clothing, footwear, etc. Keep them in airtight and sealed plastic bags and place them at the event are for further investigation.

  • Don’t touch or move anything from the event area. It’s very crucial for the investigation and autopsy.

  • Don’t come in contact with any contaminated matter.

  • Avoid coming in contact with the body fluid spillage as it can be very dangerous. Leave it as it is or covers it with some paper napkins.

  • If you accidentally come in contact with any contaminated materials, wash the affected area immediately.

The Biohazard Cleanup Process

The biohazard cleanup process involves eliminating the biohazardous materials in the safest possible way. Unlike other companies, we believe in removing the waste rather than covering it up. This is because we believe that covering waste may offer potential risks to the people living in the event area.

The cleanup process depends on the type and complexity of the event that has occurred. It involves numerous steps and safety measures that should be followed compulsorily.

It is not a job for everyone. Only trained and certified professionals are suitable for these projects. They know how to deal with hazardous waste and traumatizing situations.

At 360 Hazardous, we offer the following services :

  • Exposed Bodily Fluid Removal

  • Hoarding Cleanup

  • Disease Infection/COVID-19

  • Homicide /Suicide Cleanup

  • Crime Scene Cleanup

  • Unattended/Undiscovered Death Cleanup

  • Hazmat Services

  • First Responder Care

  • Law Enforcement Care

At the event area, anything can be affected including the floors, walls, furniture, carpet. While some items can be sanitized, others need to be removed for the safety of other people living by. We prefer removing clothing items, carpets, and upholstery as it is a better way to eliminate even the minor risk. Other porous materials are sanitized thoroughly so that they can be reused.

The odors and stains at the crime scene are very tough to remove. They can’t be removed without the specialized treatment that we offer. Although we recommend disposing of the articles that can’t be remediated, not everything can be discarded. Articles such as heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems, electric appliances like ACs and coolers, and some other things can be remediated and brought back to a safe working condition.

We use specialized tools and EPA-rated, non-toxic cleaning agents for salvaging the objects that can’t be discarded. We use different procedures for treating different objects. Some of the common steps we take are as follows :

  • Remove the infected materials or objects

  • Sanitize and decontaminate hard nonporous surfaces

  • Clean and wash surrounding surface areas

  • Treat the pathogens and other toxins by properly disinfecting

  • Eliminate any residual odors

  • Clean and wash the area by disinfecting properly

  • Treat the pathogens

Biohazard cleanup service requires highly trained and certified professionals to recover and handle blood and other hazardous materials. For the safety of our clients, we strictly comply with the guidelines set by the local, state, and the federal government. We are also OSHA, EPA, and DOT compliant.

Most of the time the services offered by us are covered by your insurance. Our experts have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies, property managers, law enforcement, and landlords. We try our best to restore the condition of a property to normal, putting the needs of the family first. 360 will be with you every step of the way.

At 360 Hazardous, we treat our clients and their property with empathy and care. We stand behind our motto, “no family left behind.” Our team of experts has seen it all, the good and the bad. We offer 24/7 services for biohazard cleanup and are there when you need us.

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