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8 Reasons to Call a Biohazard Cleaning Company

It’s true that a big part of what biohazard companies do is after death cleanup services. That’s just generally speaking because our duties are much wider scaled and important to the public and the environment as a whole.

The community perception of our image is that we are connected to the government. There’s a disconnect there because, in reality, we are a staff of a reputable private company that’s very knowledgeable about what is at stake when we fulfill our sworn duties.

We are professional, diligent, and skillful and we know the results of our services matter a great deal to the occupants of the premises, and to the immediate family of the deceased.

With that being said, here are various safe reasons to call 360 Hazardous, a top biohazard cleaning services company:

Your Property did actually become a crime or death scene

Whatever happened in your premises, whether it was peaceful, violent, or premeditated, it would have been the scene of any of the following: a murder, suicide, rape, robbery/burglary, or an untimely passing or accident (like slipping in the bathroom). Something tragic happened there, so we should step in to do the complicated work.

But we let law enforcement do their job first. They will be using chemicals and compounds in collecting biological samples and also fingerprints. They will be leaving compounds that are hard to find and remove, but our biohazard remediation will start and our scene cleanup crew will have the proper equipment to detect and remove crime scene investigation substances and residue.

We also have the additional capability to do clean up after a tear gas or pepper spray incident or even after flashbang grenades are launched. We are the cleanup specialists.

A Tragic Death or Suicide Inevitably Leaves Behind Biohazardous Elements

A violent death or an unattended death that happened within your territory obligates the police to respond because it is within their scope of function to determine if there was a crime involved. Any death will leave behind human tissue, blood, bone matter, and bodily fluids. In addition, during the investigation, the police will leave behind detection compounds and chemicals.

360 Hazardous personnel will have our own distinct and professional methods to properly sanitize your property. We have to verify first with you if law enforcement will visit the death location before we do because it is always the logical sequence. We come in after they have done their work.

Unattended Death Occurrence

Any death that materializes outside a doctor’s immediate physical care is aptly called an unattended death.

It could be any of the following: A long decomposing body, a suicide, or a peaceful death. When a doctor is not present overseeing the situation, body fluids could have been absorbed by furnishings and surfaces. This definitely requires biohazard remediation of a top-level to avoid the risk of any contamination from the dead body and also to eliminate smells, bloodborne or airborne pathogens, pests, and property damage.

Hoarding Situations

It’s just not death and crime situations that 360 Hazardous attend to. We also confront hoarding situations wherein human and animal feces and body fluids need to be cleaned up, sanitized, and deodorized.

We also clean up spoiled or rotten food from disabled refrigerators or from some forgotten corner, cranny, or compartment of your premises which are seldom used.

You don’t want pest infestation and unclean bacteria and viruses to contaminate your surroundings. Feces and spoiled food can do as much damage as bodily fluids and tissue from dead bodies when not attended to.

Our crew uses professional EPA-rated cleaning compounds and disinfectants during the biohazard cleaning services. We never use just scent masking sprays. They also wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE), which is recommended by OSHA, and masks to protect themselves from inhaling and touching harmful pathogens and bacteria while they work.

This is a job you can’t do DIY in a safe manner.

Body Waste Leaves Your Property Flooded

There could be sewer and septic system failure and also overflowing toilets and busted pipes. They can contaminate your space, whether it is a home or a workplace. The consequence is that dangerous pathogens could be lurking somewhere, especially coming from feces and urine that have overflowed together with the defective plumbing.

We could work and coordinate with plumbing specialists while we handle the biohazard remediation aspect with the end goal to eliminate any contamination from happening to the occupants or to innocent pedestrians.

Infectious Disease is Believed to have Pervaded Your Private Space

In this time of the pandemic, 360 Hazardous would like to add infectious disease to the list of tragic death, suicide, and crime as probable reasons why you need our services.

Long before COVID-19, we were already using personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended by OSHA, while we go about our duties of cleanup. This is perfect for any suspicion of virus infiltration into your parameters especially when a person who frequents your place has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

In addition, other real threats today are MRSA, E. coli, tuberculosis and hepatitis, and those with large ruptured abscesses which are all bloodborne and airborne complications. If any of these are suspected to have exposure in your place, it must be thoroughly decontaminated and sanitized.

An Unexpected Home or Workplace Accident Occurrence

It is but proper that before a house or a workplace is approved for occupancy, that safety measures are put into place to avoid domestic accidents.

But as fate would have it, accidents do still happen, like falls in the shower, industrial accidents, and blunt force trauma. Also, incidents wherein these injuries are treated personally in the household, leaving spills and pathogens on the surfaces.

If the blood or body liquid flow was too much, and the injured person is suspected of having an infectious disease, it is necessary for 360 Hazardous to step in and clean up the mess professionally.

Contamination in your Vehicle

It can’t be avoided that the location of a fatal death or injury occurs in your automobile. Blood will be spilled, as well as possibly other hazardous bodily fluids. If there were sharp objects that pierced through the body, other body fluids might drip to the car exteriors, leaving it very dangerous to contaminate whoever comes into contact with these elements. Leave it to experts in biohazard remediation to completely and safely remove any biohazard materials and bodily fluids, restoring the vehicle to a safe and healthy condition. You wouldn’t want your car to have a moniker of a biohazard automobile which loses its value because of the biohazardous materials remaining inside it.

We do biohazard remediation on vehicles not only for you but also for law enforcement, medical transport, charter bus companies, and other commercial vehicles. Biohazard cleaning services is our passion and our commitment.

No Family Left Behind

Here at 360, we are here for you 24/7, and will work with you discreetly, professionally, and compassionately. Our expert team will walk you through every step of the traumatic situation, and go above and beyond expected procedures. 360 Hazardous leaves no family behind, we are here for you when you need us.

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