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Why Hire a Professional Crime Cleanup Service?

Handling a crime scene can be incredibly overwhelming and traumatizing, especially if the incident involves losing someone you care about. For many, the stress can become too much when they discover that the responsibility falls on their shoulders to have the crime scene cleaned up. While it may seem like the next best option to grab basic household cleaning supplies and paper towels and just do it yourself, there are many reasons for calling a crime scene cleanup company to help with the work.

In this post, we will focus on what crime scene and biohazard professionals manage and the biggest reasons for seeking professional aid in cleaning and how it can save you time and hassle.

What Do Crime Scene Cleanup Professionals Do?

Professionals manage decontamination and proper removal and storage when dealing with a crime scene. They efficiently address dangerous biohazards that may threaten a homeowner’s or a business’s safety. Many will also take the opportunity to remove damaged flooring and furniture affected by the crime.

A professional company like 360 Hazardous is well-trained to talk with law enforcement to help answer questions you might find confusing or daunting. We’ll work alongside you and others involved to also take care of necessary paperwork that may arise and can help provide insight into contacting insurance to cover some of the damage.

In essence, our goal is to ensure scenes appear like no “scenes” took place at all. We will quickly get in and out so the affected parties can return to normal.

Why Should You Choose a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

Full Privacy

While this might not seem like the top of mind reason for selecting biohazard remediation, your family will greatly value privacy when it comes to cleaning up after a very tragic mess. Professional companies have waivers in place that keep client information regarding the people involved, scene, and outside intervention completely confidential. You do not need media outlets (or nosy neighbors) catching wind of the dirty details involved with the crime.

Proper Investigation Techniques

Crime scene cleanup companies understand the importance of staying out of the way of crime scene investigators as they collect necessary evidence and clues. Cleaning up a scene yourself can actually become a major hindrance to an open investigation. That’s why it’s recommended to trust the professionals to collect evidence and process details around cleanup efforts.

Increased Safety & Protection

A good biohazard and crime scene cleanup company will also ensure the safety and protection of those near the scene. We work alongside law enforcement to bar off dangerous areas that have biohazards or broken objects considered to be a hazard.

What many individuals also fail to realize is that biohazards are labeled that way for a reason. If not cleaned and removed correctly, airborne pathogens can remain in the air that can cause respiratory issues. The same applies to blood as it can cause disease if it were to somehow get into your body.

Protection goes far beyond even just the physical body though. Crime scene professionals like 360 Hazardous also work to remove difficult stains and property damage that can cause problems down the road when selling your home or business. If cleaned correctly, you stand protected against having to offer lower prices or answer questions that may arise from buyers.

Professional Equipment

Crime scene cleanup companies should have all the equipment needed to remove signs of trauma and repair what they can that may have been affected. If the right cleaning products are not used, you might find lingering bacteria, viruses and pathogens. This can potentially threaten the health of everyone in the home or business.

When professionals like us restore spaces, we use EPA-approved products specifically designed to remove all biohazards and protect the safety of everyone once they go back to normal. We also follow regulations from OSHA to ensure the area is restored properly and safely. Once cleanup is completed, our team provides you with a certificate of cleanliness required by the government to deem the space fully clean.

Government Regulations

As cumbersome as it may be, all crime scenes are subject to a legal process handled by law enforcement. Police must get involved to follow full safety and legal measures.  Dealing with the law can also become even more difficult, if proper protocol isn’t followed and you try to clean the scene up on your own. If law enforcement discovers you tried to clean up a crime scene on your own without involving them, it will bring additional legal complications.

When working with a team of cleanup professionals, you can rest assured knowing we will follow all local and federal government regulations, as well as OSHA regulations, so you can avoid the stress of dealing with additional legal matters.

Reduced Stress

The aftermath of a trauma scene can speak for itself when loved ones are handling the fallout. The effects of a crime scene often leave what can be a big mess in the home, painful memories of the incident, stress in addressing funeral arrangements, and overall burden of getting law enforcement out of the home.

By having a professional crime scene cleanup crew address the biohazards and mess in the building, family, friends, and/or coworkers can deal with the more important emotional rehabilitation.

360 Hazardous knows, understands, and addresses each of the above concerns thoroughly so that homes and businesses are able to return to normal as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Be sure to reach out to our team 24/7 or give us a call if you have questions about your cleanup needs.

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