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How to Deal With Sudden Tragedies

Tragedies can occur in the blink of an eye, leaving loved ones bewildered, confused, and grieving. Regardless of what kind of tragedy has fallen on you and your family, if you coping with the loss of a loved one, you may be tasked with taking care of post-death preparations, from funeral preparations to emotional and psychological counseling for grieving loved ones.

Read on to know how you can take the first important steps when you encounter a sudden tragedy.

Crime-Scene Cleanup

Sudden tragedies such as accidents, suicides, and deaths resulting from criminal acts often require scene cleanup that needs to follow policies and protocols provided by law. While these tragedies can be sudden and shocking to families and loved ones, the fact remains that the locations that these tragedies occurred in need to be restored to their original, usable states. This means working with state-licensed crime scene cleanup crews who can take over the difficult task of removing any physical traces of the incident that led to the death.

The most practical option is to seek out local cleanup companies. Commercial cleanup companies can be relied upon to know state-specific policies and regulations that apply to crime scene clean-up, especially since these tasks involve the handling of materials that could be hazardous, sensitive in nature, or important for criminal investigations. Crime scene cleanup technicians have trained on industry best practices, safety, and hazard practices as well as cultural sensitivity that allows them to cater to customers of different backgrounds, as well as a variety of crime scenes.

They can also be relied upon to do the job properly, and be more understanding of what the family is going through. Professional cleanup teams can be relied upon to get the job done on time while providing the family with the compassion, respect, and space they need as they process the emotions that can emerge during this time.

Funeral Preparations

Funeral preparations rank next in importance when sudden death occurs in the family. Family members can look to local funeral homes that handle all stages of the funeral process, from transporting the body to the funeral home, preparing the deceased for viewing, and arranging funeral details. Funeral homes can provide grieving family members with options on arrangements, from the budget to the type of arrangement. They can even be designated to communicate to the community about the fact of death and the funeral details, so that the family can focus on grieving for their deceased loved one.

If you have to handle funeral arrangements for a loved one, you can start by identifying the budget and priorities and comparing prices for funeral services in your area to see which service can provide the services you need. Professional funeral services are trained to be sensitive to the needs of family members especially those dealing with sudden and unexpected deaths. They are also required to ensure that the funeral and burial process adheres to allowed practices and does not violate the laws of the state, especially state health and safety policies.

Grief Counseling and Psychological Assistance

Sudden and unexpected deaths, especially those attended by crime and violence, can produce serious psychological and emotional consequences for surviving loved ones. It is important to focus on healthy ways of coping and healing even in the earliest stages of the tragedy. Working with professionals can go a long way towards a grieving process that is healthy for all of the loved ones involved.

The family can meet with grief counselors or psychologists to process the questions and feelings that may have arisen because of death. They can engage in one-on-one or group sessions to resolve the issues that arise from the tragedy.

It may be surprising to note that your insurance company can be a reliable source of counseling providers. These services may be covered under basic insurance policies and surviving loved ones can use these services to start healing with minimal costs.

Religious groups like local church families can be an excellent source of emotional support during this time. They may also be a good source of trained religious counselors who can assist the family in dealing with their grief based on their religious beliefs and practices.

Phone or virtual counseling is also another way to gain professional psychological support during this time. Accredited practitioners can deliver essential support via phone or video calls. Psychology Today and your state psychology organizations can be good sources for licensed counselors who can be contacted online. It is important to be vigilant when resorting to online counseling services, which is why it is important to only work with state-licensed or certified practitioners. A quick Google search can help you determine if the grief counselor or psychologist you are looking at is certified or licensed to practice in your state. Do these checks first before talking to any practitioner to ensure your privacy.

Aside from working with professionals, family members can look to friends and loved ones who can offer support during this time. People are willing to lend their time and show compassion when they know that hurting loved ones are in need. While neighbors, friends, and significant individuals can do well to reach out and show support, it is also helpful for grieving loved ones to be open about their need for emotional support during this difficult time.

Family members can discuss their feelings with trusted friends and other loved ones. These people can also be good sources for trained psychologists and counselors who can help survivors deal with their grief. The bottom line is that surviving loved ones can utilize their networks of friends, co-workers, neighbors, and religious groups when starting the healing process.

Tragedies that end in the death of a loved one are often painful and traumatic experiences that surviving family members have to live through. However, you don’t need to go through this time alone. Work with professionals, seek support from the community and religious networks, and reach out to friends and loved ones who can provide the right kind of support.

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