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Jobs You Didn’t Know Required a Crime Scene or Biohazard Cleaner

When you think of crime scene cleaning, you might think that we only cleanup messes after a crime has been committed. However, our expertise in biohazard cleaning also makes us perfect for cleaning all sorts of other messes. There are many chaotic situations that require special know-how and equipment in order to take care of, such as pathogen outbreaks, workplace accidents, residue from drug use, and even asbestos and mold. For those who think they may require the services of a professional crime scene or biohazard cleaning company, this article will go over several jobs that you might not realize required crime scene or biohazard cleaners.

Cleaning Up After an Outbreak

Many people don’t realize that crime scene cleaners can also be of use in situations where an outbreak has occurred. If there are contagious pathogens that have broken out at high-risk facilities such as schools, hospitals, or retirement communities, those situations need to be cleaned up by professional companies just the same as a crime scene. Crime scene cleanup companies are trained to deal with all sorts of biohazard material, and those can go well beyond basic crime scenes.

Cleaning Biohazard Vehicles

A biohazard car is a car that has been contaminated with blood or some other type of bodily fluid residue. As you can imagine, being designated a “biohazard car” can have a very negative effect on that car’s overall value. For this reason, a professional crime scene or biohazard cleanup company can also be of great use in cleaning up cars containing hazardous biological waste.

Cleaning Up After Unattended/Accidental Death

While the biggest messes are usually caused by violent crimes, there can be a good deal of hazardous cleanup associated with non-violent deaths, as well. Bodies can be found in all different states of decomposition, and, the longer the body has been decomposing, the bigger and more hazardous the area will be for those left to clean it up. For this reason, consulting with professional crime scene cleaners should always be viewed as the safest option, and is a good idea whenever any type of unattended death has occurred.

Dealing with Hazardous Waste from Hoarding and Drug Use

There are a variety of different situations involving illegal drug use, and hoarding can also warrant the need for a professional crime scene or biohazard cleanup technician. It may be more commonly known that meth labs can leave behind hazardous residue that necessitates the need for special cleaning, but other types of damage can occur, as well. Unlike meth lab damage, which requires an actual meth lab to have been set up within the location, these types of damage can occur much more easily, yet still, require biohazard cleaners.

Drugs can leave behind hazardous residue simply from being smoked and consumed- drug users can even leave behind harmful residue through toilet use and showering. On top of this, hoarding habits associated with long-term drug use can cause all sorts of biological hazards, including used needles and mold.

Cleaning Up After Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can have a lot in common with a crime scene, and will oftentimes entail an equal, or even greater, amount of hazardous materials. Whether a workplace injury has occurred, or a toxic spill has occurred at a high-risk facility, a professional crime scene cleanup technician will have the knowledge and equipment needed to clean up without posing a greater risk to anyone involved. A professional crime scene or biohazard cleanup company is always the way to go when it comes to making sure hazardous facilities get cleaned up safely and efficiently.

Cleaning Contaminated Residential and Commercial Kitchens

Another area that people don’t often consider as involving serious biohazards is contaminated kitchens. If your kitchen has been contaminated by a hazardous foodborne pathogen, such as e. Coli or salmonella, these pathogens could pose just as much of a risk to you and your loved ones’ health as the biological contaminations of a crime scene. Professional crime scene cleaners can get your residential or commercial kitchen back to perfect working order so that you can start cooking again.

Taking Care of Pathogens from Pets

Pets are a joy to have around, but they can sometimes leave behind debris that is toxic to human beings. From toxoplasmosis to parvovirus, there are a huge number of contagious pet diseases that require intensive and deep cleaning when they are found. Consulting a professional crime scene cleanup company can help minimize the risks associated with cleaning up these toxic pathogens.

Cleaning Up After Non-Criminal Accidents

The fact of the matter is that sometimes people simply have accidents. The human body has a ton of blood in it, and that blood can come out regardless of whether or not a crime or fatal injury has occurred. If you’ve cut yourself on a piece of broken glass, it can generate a huge amount of blood, and that blood can require a great deal of cleaning! In any situation where there are biological materials that need cleaning, crime scene, and biohazard cleaners are your go-to solution.

Asbestos and Mold Abatement

Other incredibly hazardous materials we deal with are asbestos and mold. Asbestos is common in many houses prior to the mid-1970s and can pose a huge health risk when remodeling or demolishing a property. In addition, mold can happen in homes from any time, in any location, though it is most common in humid and hot areas.  If you have asbestos or mold that you need removing, don’t do it yourself! Crime scene cleaners have the qualifications, certifications, and equipment needed to take care of these hazardous materials without health risk.

We Use Products That Are Safe for the Environment

As crime scene cleaners, we not only make the immediate environment safe from biohazards, but the products and methods we use are also safe for the environment, which is why 360 uses only EPA registered cleaning agents. We meet all environmental and safety compliance regulations necessary to ensure your safety.

At 360 Hazardous, our team of environmental and hazardous material professionals is experienced at scoping, assessing, and identifying solutions that best fit your hazardous needs. When you work with us, you can feel safe knowing that your biohazard mess has been taken care of in the safest way possible!

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